Our Philosophy for Treatment: 

The Center for Integrative Healing provides comprehensive and sustained recovery for individuals and families. We ensure that clients receive truly integrative care by exceptionally qualified staff members in an intentionally designed therapeutic community.

We believe that there are several critical factors that contribute to a successful treatment:

  • Intentionality - We lead our team and our service to clients with intention, thereby teaching clients and their families the positive impact of living and behaving with intention.

  • Small By Design - Our process groups and cohorts are limited to a selective number of clients insuring all clients get the space, accountability, and attention needed.

  • Honesty & Rebuilding Trust - The basis for healthy relationships depends on honesty and the effort to rebuild and maintain trust with one another.

  • Connection in Relationships - Support from others is essential for recovery. CFIH is designed around fostering new connections and improving current relationships.

  • Development of Meaningful Community - We foster a strong sense of community that provides not only support and accountability, but also a sense of belonging and purpose.

  • Deep Exploration of the "Self" - Full recovery is not surface level. We are committed to facilitating meaningful exploration of the “self” and addressing core issues.

  • Humility - becoming and remaining teachable is a core tenet to successful recovery

  • Integrity & Personal Responsibility - During the course of our treatment we stress the importance of taking responsibility for one's behavior and for demonstrating integrity by honoring one's commitments.

  • Accountability & Support - In a supportive environment we utilize group accountability to foster individual responsibility for recovery.

  • Service to Others - helping others and giving back to one’s community aids self-esteem and insures continued involvement in recovery.